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'Necessity is the mother of invention'

30 years ago, my brother gave me a hammock chair for Christmas. I was eager to use it, until I realized that there were no trees on my property with branches low enough for me to hang the chair from! I knew this issue wasn’t unique to me. That’s when I started to re-think the entire hammock chair concept. I wanted a design that would allow anyone, no matter their size, to enjoy a hammock chair, almost anywhere they choose.

I put this concept on hold for three decades, while a raised a family, built a few custom homes, and designed several factory automation systems. However, for the past few years, with the kids grown and gone, I’ve had plenty of time to tinker with my vision of the perfect way to suspended a hammock chair.

Eventually, the design came to me, by using a couple wooden dowels, with some drilled holes, strung with some good rope and a few strategically placed knots. Together, these formed tetrahedron tensegrity; a combination of members in compression and others in tension, forming the basic geometric solid, a tetrahedron. By 2011, I had refined my concept of the” Pelican Perch” hammock chair mount enough to be granted a U.S. Patent.

I have extensively tested the hammock chair Perch via numerous public demonstrations in locations as diverse as Road America car races in Wisconsin, the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, the streets of New Orleans and the beaches of San Diego. On every occasion, the response has been overwhelmingly positive! More often than not, we were asked how they and where they are sold.

So, now we are pleased to offer a full line of Perched Pelicans, offered in various configurations, for a variety of uses. Take a look around the website, feel free to contact us with any questions or comments – or to order your very own Pelican Perch, or two, to take with you virtually anywhere you wanna perch.

Happy Perching!

Rick McInnes, President
Perched Pelican Products

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