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The Pelican Perch Series

* All products include shipping and handling
Pelican Perch 300
Finally, a way to perch your hammock chair off of any tree from 3” to 24” in diameter. The Pelican Perch is portable, adjustable and it supports 300 pounds! No tools required. Please refer to the set-up instruction video on our HOMEPAGE.

The Pelican Perch is manufactured by hand, using the finest American materials available. Polyurethane-coated hickory dowels supported by Yale yacht cordage provide a supporting structure.
Price: $49.95

Pelican Perch Ensemble
The ensemble consists of the Pelican Perch 300, plus our 48” wide net hammock chair. All neatly packaged in a convenient nylon carrying bag. The bag has a shoulder strap for carrying and a drawstring top for easy closure. The bag doubles as your stash pouch while perching in the hammock chair.

The Pelican Perch Ensemble provides you with everything you need. Sitdown, stretch out, get comfortable, and relax the day away in insurmountable comfort. The Perch is ideal for hikers, campers, outdoor events, concerts, palm trees, beaches, bird watching, hunting and relaxing- even on slopes and uneven ground.
Price: $114.95

Pelican Perch Blind
This consists of the Pelican Perch Ensemble, PLUS a bug-free enclosure available in various camouflage patterns. A polyurethane- coated nylon roof keeps the rain or sun off of you, while the zippered screen enclosure keep the bugs out. The Blind mounts to OUR hammock chair in seconds. Plus, all of this fits easily in to the nylon carrying bag for portability!
Price: $379.95

Pelican Perch 150
This perch is similar to the Pelican Perch 300, but uses lower-cost wood species and cordage. NOT recommended for supporting hammock chairs, the Pelican Perch 150 is ideal for perching plants, bird feeders, wind chimes, bird houses, camping lanterns or just about anything you want! It is rated at 150 lbs.
Price: $34.95

Pelican Perch 50
This smallest version of the Pelican Perch family is made from 18” long dowels, and 1/8 diameter polyester cord. This compact perch is capable of suspending your lantern, bug-zapper, bird feeders, or anything up to 50 lbs.
Price: $24.95


Add'l Accessories

Hammock Chair Perch 48 (Only)
This hammock perch is machine-made of polyester fibers. It is attached to a 48” long oak spreader bar and will support 300 lbs of relaxation! The perch is long enough for a person up to 6’3” to stretch out. The support ropes are easily adjusted from sitting upright – to lying down position.
Price: $64.95

Pelican Perch Blind (Only)
The blind consists of fiberglass poles that interconnect to form a loop that passes through holes in the ends of the hammock chair’s spreader bar. It is manufactured to fit most hammock chairs with 48” spreader bars. Some drilling required, when mounting for the first time, to your non Perched Pelican products. The roof is made from polyurethane-coated nylon and uses a bungee cord to hold down, around the fiberglass hoop. The “camo” screen enclosure attaches to the roof using Velcro. A zippered front allows for easy entry and a drawstring provides for closure at bottom to eliminate pests.
Price: $299.95


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